How to remove a profile on a mac from profile manager with the terminal

When managing many macs on a network it is important that you streamline and consolidate your network of computers to make it as easy as possible push out policies not only for easy management, but also security. One of the ways you can do this is using Profile Manager. It works much like Active Directory … [Read more…]

The Truth Behind Liberty Mutual New Car Replacement Program

So you bought a new car and saw that commercial about Liberty Mutual having something called a “New Car Replacement” program where they will replace the full value of your car? It sounds like they will replace it at anytime…well they won’t. Marketing at its best IMO. from their website Your policy deductible still applies, … [Read more…]

Get tons of free software from Microsoft…for reals

Yes Free software downloads, full versions and all free. I am talking about Visual Studio, Server 2012, Server 2008, SQL Server 2014, OneNote, Azure and more. Yes I know you are probably thinking this is just another one of those things where you have to do something to get it. Actually it’s quite the opposite. … [Read more…]

TV Advertising is never going to be the same with Google Fiber

If you haven’t already heard Google has been rolling out their own TV network in Kansas City, Provo Utah and Austin Texas with even more expansion coming this year to several other states across the US. It’s basically High Speed Internet in 1000GB as well as on demand television with over 150+ channels and thousands … [Read more…]

Dangers Of Snapchat That Even The FBI Warn You About

If you haven’t already heard about snapchat let me tell you this, it’s one of the worst apps in the hands of a teenager. Not because of the app itself, but more the teenager who carelessly sends pictures of them self (who knows what kind of pictures) and doesn’t think of the consequences. If you … [Read more…]

Trivia Crack Bug Game Mode Challenge Win Everytime

Yet another bug for you Trivia Crack addicts like me. If you don’t already know you can create a game mode called challenge which allows you to play?with?multiple people?who all have to answer the same questions. It’s crazy fun. Anyways today I discovered yet another bug which is totally cheating, but it does work. Unfortunately … [Read more…]