Can I password protect my profile on Netflix?

FYI: If you love Neflix as much as I do (or at least as much as I watch it) then there is an awesome rating system like Pandora out there that really does an awesome job guessing what you might like based on how you rate. Give it a shot. Can you password protect Netflix profiles with parental controls? Let me give you a 2 letter word that will answer your question...NO!!!!! Unfortunately it is one of the worst features...or lack thereof, that Netflix does not have. The closest they have [Read more...]

TV Advertising is never going to be the same with Google Fiber

If you haven't already heard Google has been rolling out their own TV network in Kansas City, Provo Utah and Austin Texas with even more expansion coming this year to several other states across the US. It's basically High Speed Internet in 1000GB as well as on demand television with over 150+ channels and thousands of shows according to them.?This concept is nothing new to us right now so it comes as no shock, but what makes it insane is the change in advertising. Google Fiber is going to be [Read more...]