How to “For Realz” remotely install profile manager profiles silently with no MDM using Apple Remote Desktop

So I manage a network of about 400+ Mac's and some windows machines. I use Profile Manager (PM) to control my Mac's and let me tell you if anyone has used PM for any length of time you know that it can be a nightmare to deal with it. Seems to be more buggy than stable IMO. Anyways when I come across something cool I like to post it so here we go. I recently had an issue where my certificate had expired in PM so I had to reissue a new one. Well the problem is when you do that you have to [Read more...]

Dropbox – How To Camera Upload to Business Account

Frustrated about Dropbox changing its policy to only allow camera uploads to a personal account instead of your business account? Yeah sure we all sucks. One of the biggest issues Dropbox didn't think about was the fact that many businesses use Dropbox for photos. Well I am one of those users who used it for business and not just personal, but I get it why they are doing that. There are far more personal uses for camera uploads then there are for business and with the recent troubles [Read more...]

Help, my iPhone wont turn on and I can’t figure out why

I get a ton of users from time to time who tell me they can't seem to get their iPhone turned on. Most of the time when I see this when you click on the power button to turn it on usually you will see the Apple icon and then it just either shuts off or never gets beyond that point. This is more than a common problem from my experience and 99% of the time I can get it to work rather quickly, but sometimes you iPhone is just dead and you will have to take it into the Apple Store to have them [Read more...]

How to remove a profile on a mac from profile manager with the terminal

When managing many macs on a network it is important that you streamline and consolidate your network of computers to make it as easy as possible push out policies not only for easy management, but also security. One of the ways you can do this is using Profile Manager. It works much like Active Directory with windows based systems. Sometimes you find yourself stuck with a mac that has some profiles associated with it and you are unable to remove the profile from the mac for whatever reason. [Read more...]

Can I password protect my profile on Netflix?

FYI: If you love Neflix as much as I do (or at least as much as I watch it) then there is an awesome rating system like Pandora out there that really does an awesome job guessing what you might like based on how you rate. Give it a shot. Can you password protect Netflix profiles with parental controls? Let me give you a 2 letter word that will answer your question...NO!!!!! Unfortunately it is one of the worst features...or lack thereof, that Netflix does not have. The closest they have [Read more...]