MacOS Mojave installer keeps saying the file is damaged or corrupted, HELP!

So you might find yourself recently realizing that you are unable to install Mojave on any of your Macs. For whatever reason the installer you used before many times worked fine, now shortly after running the installer it pops up with a message telling you that the file may be damaged or corrupt. To not bore you with exact details now as to why this is happening I am going to tell you how to fix it first (which will not make sense) but then after at your leisure you can read why it does not [Read more...]

proftpd keeps crashing or just stops working and I don’t know why

I manage a ftp box at work that takes in screenshots of students laptops that we manage. There are about 500+ images coming in everyday. That's a ton of data that requires a ftp server that will stay working. Fortunatly because linux is awesome there proftpd, problem is it likes to randomly stop working or crash. I had this issue for a while but with a cool tool I was able to monitor the process and make sure it is always running. If it shuts down it will just start the process again...problem [Read more...]

How to “For Realz” remotely install profile manager profiles silently with no MDM using Apple Remote Desktop

So I manage a network of about 400+ Mac's and some windows machines. I use Profile Manager (PM) to control my Mac's and let me tell you if anyone has used PM for any length of time you know that it can be a nightmare to deal with it. Seems to be more buggy than stable IMO. Anyways when I come across something cool I like to post it so here we go. I recently had an issue where my certificate had expired in PM so I had to reissue a new one. Well the problem is when you do that you have to [Read more...]

Trade Skill Master – Determining Market Value Region vs. Min BuyOut

If you are a wow junkie like me and all you want to do is make money (gold) then you are in the right place. I have been using Trade Skill Master (TSM) for some time now and there are some things I have learned about Market Value vs. Region Market Value and Min Buyout. Let me tell you they are WAY OFF. The one important thing to remember is that each Realm is different, and with each Realm there are different areas of the market you need to be aware of depending on your server. Here are some [Read more...]

Upgrade any Macbook Flash Drive even when The Apple Store says You Cant

Did you buy a Macbook Pro, Air and wished you got a bigger Flash drive? Then you drove to the Apple Store only to have one of the reps tell you that you cant upgrade the storage because it's soldered in? ...well it's not true You can in fact upgrade your Macbook Flash drive to a much bigger one for a fraction of the cost. Why Apple tell's you can't? Not sure. Here are the links for current Macbooks A video to show you how to change out the flash's really easy. Macbook [Read more...]

Why Yahoo “Sponsored” (Ads) News Is Full Of Crap

I tend to go to yahoo for my daily news and information. Why? Well probably because of habit and I have been going to yahoo for years. I should probably change... Here is where I get a little perturbed at Yahoo and the level of accountability that is "lacking" in Yahoo News where there seems to be some blatant deceit. If you go to Yahoo's homepage you are given the latest news they are showing. Here is an example. Looks normal right? Well if you look closely at the posts you will [Read more...]

Dropbox – How To Camera Upload to Business Account

Frustrated about Dropbox changing its policy to only allow camera uploads to a personal account instead of your business account? Yeah sure we all sucks. One of the biggest issues Dropbox didn't think about was the fact that many businesses use Dropbox for photos. Well I am one of those users who used it for business and not just personal, but I get it why they are doing that. There are far more personal uses for camera uploads then there are for business and with the recent troubles [Read more...]

How to successfully complete the cinnamon challenge without hacking your brains out

If you are reading this post then you are part of 3 categories...either A. You have been challenged by your friends to do the cinnamon challenge and want to not look like a complete ass B. You have tried the challenge several times and have failed at it C. You're drunk and you should go home Either scenario you want to show your friends that you are the man (or woman) that you are no woose and can man up and do it. Either way you need to have a plan ahead of time. I can tell you [Read more...]

Why are we so addicted to games and how our mind plays tricks on us

I am fascinated with things of the mind, but basically it's more my mind that I wonder about the most. I wonder why I do the things I do, or why I do the things I don't want to do. Then there is philosophy behind my reasoning and how I attempt to justify my actions. I have to ask myself, "Why do I(we) do things when we try so hard not to do them" I love video games. I have played them since I was a child. I can't wait to end the day with a nice cup of coffee and sitting on my couch with my [Read more...]

How to fix iPhone stuck on “Slide To Open” when upgrading to IOS 9 without a restore and losing your data

Well with any release of any upgrade I have always learned to backup everything and anything before you do it and unfortunately with upgrading to IOS 9 you may want to do the same. Currently there is a known issue that many are reporting on the net in which while attempting to upgrade to IOS 9 many iPhones are stuck on a "slide to upgrade" screen and they can't get out of it. This seems to be happening when you are attempting to upgrade from IOS 7 to IOS 9 UPDATE: As of 10/9/2015 there is [Read more...]