Why Yahoo “Sponsored” (Ads) News Is Full Of Crap

I tend to go to yahoo for my daily news and information. Why? Well probably because of habit and I have been going to yahoo for years. I should probably change…

Here is where I get a little perturbed at Yahoo and the level of accountability that is “lacking” in Yahoo News where there seems to be some blatant deceit.

If you go to Yahoo’s homepage you are given the latest news they are showing. Here is an example.

Yahoo News

Looks normal right? Well if you look closely at the posts you will see some labeled as “Sponsored”. Basically these are ads. They are trying to make them look like content as much as they can, but ultimately they are just ads that other companies pay for to show on their homepage.

Of course with any marketing campaign there is going to be as much effort put into that “Sponsored” Ad to get you to click on it. So in the image example above the title “16 Early Signs Cancer Is Growing In Your Body” is definitely something that is going to catch your attention…but it is NOT real news.

So let’s click on the link and see what informative “real” news Yahoo is providing us…keep in mind Yahoo being a “trusted” source of information.

The article?in which this ad links to lands us on Life’d.com?which is basically one of those SEO, adsense/marketing sites to get you to click on ads so they make money. Here is what their page looks like once you get to the bottom of their content.

life'd.com content

My whole beef with this is does this really look like a site that is trying to honestly provide the most valuable content for you with no other underlying agendus?

The article basically just describes what every other site does about cancer. Any not to be a bummer here but Cancer should NEVER be a topic to drive someone’s wallet.

I say shame on Yahoo for even allowing content like this and deceive users into thinking they are informative articles providing honest and trustworthy content.