MacOS Mojave installer keeps saying the file is damaged or corrupted, HELP!

So you might find yourself recently realizing that you are unable to install Mojave on any of your Macs. For whatever reason the installer you used before many times worked fine, now shortly after running the installer it pops up with a message telling you that the file may be damaged or corrupt.

To not bore you with exact details now as to why this is happening I am going to tell you how to fix it first (which will not make sense) but then after at your leisure you can read why it does not work (which will make sense)

How to fix Mojave installer damaged corrupt issue

On your, Mac change the date any time shortly before Oct 24th, 2019. Save the changes and restart the installer. All your problems will go away. #problemsoved

Why did this fix the problem?

Ok read this and it will all make sense.

Have a nice day