What Do I Get? HP, Mac, Dell?…I’m So Confused!!!!!


Ok yes I understand what you are going through. I feel the same way when I take my car to a mechanic and they come back and tell me that my catalytic converter?is broken and I need a new one. Yeah no clue what they just said, but I have to trust them…

Being that I know about computers let me tell you one thing right off the bat.

Geeksquad – They hire 16 – 19 year olds who barley know sh** about computers and are trained to give you some default language to sell you more. It’s like when my mother-in-law tells me “Well the guy said it was the best”. Then I ask her if he was the salesman…

Know Someone – If you even know someone who knows a guy that is friends with his sister who can fix computers, you become his best friend. Buy him a giftcard “First”?then ask him to fix your computer. Trust Me! he will do it and give everything he’s got into the project.


Side Note:

If you work in an office setting and have an I.T. Department. Buy them a coffee once a week. They will make your life wonderful at work. Every I.T. guy knows this.

OK with all that said what do you buy?

I have heard it all from people asking my recommendation of what too buy.

Honestly it comes down to 2 questions… Mac or PC?

Once you have made that decision then we can help you even further.

Some even struggle with “HP or Dell”

Who gives a SH***, anything you buy is as good at it’s warranty! They are going to run the same and function the same since its all the same software. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HARDWARE. And who cares about that unless you feel safe that in “at least” 1 year you can send it in to get fixed and there is not going to be a problem with that.

If you want Mac…get Apple

If you want PC get HP or Dell. You choose, they both have great warranties.