How to successfully complete the cinnamon challenge without hacking your brains out

If you are reading this post then you are part of 3 categories...either A. You have been challenged by your friends to do the cinnamon challenge and want to not look like a complete ass B. You have tried the challenge several times and have failed at it C. You're drunk and you should go home Either scenario you want to show your friends that you are the man (or woman) that you are no woose and can man up and do it. Either way you need to have a plan ahead of time. I can tell you [Read more...]

The Truth Behind Liberty Mutual New Car Replacement Program

So you bought a new car and saw that commercial about Liberty Mutual having something called a "New Car Replacement" program where they will replace the full value of your car? It sounds like they will replace it at anytime...well they won't. Marketing at its best IMO. from their website Your policy deductible still applies, and coverage is for cars that are less than a year old, weren't previously owned, and have less than 15,000 miles on them. Leased cars and motorcycles are excluded. New [Read more...]

Youtube now supports 8k video play back…are you shocked?

If you didn't already know Youtube has released the ability to play movies in 8k.?This may come as a shock to many being that 4k TV's just barely hit the market, but would you tell me that I am crazy if I told you that HDTV started back in the late 80's? Well guess what... it did. What many consumers do not realize is that the recording technology is far more advanced than the display market. It's kind of like the government, you know they have planes that can do some crazy stuff, but no one [Read more...]