Trade Skill Master – Determining Market Value Region vs. Min BuyOut

If you are a wow junkie like me and all you want to do is make money (gold) then you are in the right place. I have been using Trade Skill Master (TSM) for some time now and there are some things I have learned about Market Value vs. Region Market Value and Min Buyout. Let me tell you they are WAY OFF. The one important thing to remember is that each Realm is different, and with each Realm there are different areas of the market you need to be aware of depending on your server. Here are some [Read more...]

How To Get More Lives With Soda Crush

If you are an addict like me then you are pretty much in the same boat as me when it comes to games, and since I was addicted to candy crush it was not hard to get addicted to Soda Crush. At any given time when I log into my Soda Crush game I have a range of 25 to 30 lives available to me at all times to play. Now I don't play for hours on end because most of the time I get pissed off because I am stuck on a level that I really want to beat, but at least I have a ton of lives to play at all [Read more...]

Trivia Crack Bug Game Mode Challenge Win Everytime

Yet another bug for you Trivia Crack addicts like me. If you don't already know you can create a game mode called challenge which allows you to play?with?multiple people?who all have to answer the same questions. It's crazy fun. Anyways today I discovered yet another bug which is totally cheating, but it does work. Unfortunately it does not work every time, but it has worked for me more than not and this only works on the phone as far as I know. Step 1 - Click on the game challenge to get [Read more...]

Trivia Crack Bug Get Unlimited Lives

If you are playing Soda Crush as well then check out this to see how to get more lives with Soda Crush. The first thing you want to do before you even read this post is make sure that "Automatic Updates" with apps on your phone is turned off. Once they figure out this bug they are going to fix it so turn it off so you do not get the update. I cannot confirm this bug works with Android or any other version of IOS other than mine so I am sorry if it does not work for you. I am currently [Read more...]