Trivia Crack Bug Game Mode Challenge Win Everytime


Yet another bug for you Trivia Crack addicts like me. If you don’t already know you can create a game mode called challenge which allows you to play?with?multiple people?who all have to answer the same questions. It’s crazy fun.

Anyways today I discovered yet another bug which is totally cheating, but it does work. Unfortunately it does not work every time, but it has worked for me more than not and this only works on the phone as far as I know.

Step 1 – Click on the game challenge to get it loaded on your phone, but do not start playing

Step 2 – Turn on airplane more on your phone (iPhone users) not sure what it is for Android but basically cut off all communications on your phone.

Step 3 – Start playing the challenge, since its already loaded you will be able to play it all. As you play keep track of the correct questions as you answer. Don’t worry if you choose the wrong ones, just remember the right ones.

Step 5 – Play all the way to the end and once you get to the end you will hopefully get a message saying that the app is having a hard time communicating with the server. Since you are in airplane more, you cant communicate with the server anyways.

Step 6 – Close Trivia Crack

Step 7 – Turn off airplane mode on your phone so that you can communicate with the server again

Step 8 – The challenge will hopefully be on your phone again as if you never played it.

Step 9 – Play the challenge again and remember the previous answers and answer them correctly.

Your Welcome