How To Get More Lives With Soda Crush


If you are an addict like me then you are pretty much in the same boat as me when it comes to games, and since I was addicted to candy crush it was not hard to get addicted to Soda Crush.

At any given time when I log into my Soda Crush game I have a range of 25 to 30 lives available to me at all times to play. Now I don’t play for hours on end because most of the time I get pissed off because I am stuck on a level that I really want to beat, but at least I have a ton of lives to play at all times. Here is how to get more lives with Soda Crush

Connect Your Facebook Account

By far the best way to get more lives is by using Facebook and connecting your account. You are going to be able to use Facebook to both send and receive lives from your friends and there is a good chance most of your friends are playing Soda Crush.

Every time you log into the game it is going to ask you to send lives to your friends. DO IT!! Every Time. But the cool part of this is don’t send requests to “All Friends” instead just send requests to “Soda Friends”. The reason is that Soda Friends are people who are playing Soda Crush already. So the probability of you getting a response from them is greater then sending it to everyone.

Here is an example of what it looks like to just send to your soda friends

more lives soda crush

Also you don’t want to be that annoying friend on Facebook who bugs your friends who don’t play. Since you are sending requests to friends who already play they are going to for sure send you lives since they want lives to. Always send as many lives as you can, because you will be repaid for sure.

Make It Easy On Yourself

Every time you send or receive lives from friends Facebook will ask you to confirm before sending. Well it can get easier than this. There is a check box that Facebook asks you that you can automatically send and receive lives without a confirmation. Check that box because it will make things faster and you don’t have to wait for the confirmation.

Don’t Accept All Lives You Get

When you check your mail you are going to have a list of lives which have been sent to you. Well don’t accept them all at once because you can only have 5 at max per time, so if you accept more then 5 then you will lose out any all those lives. Each set of lives sent will max out at 5 so just find one that has 5 of them and accept that one and leave the rest alone. When you run out simply go to your mailbox and accept the next 5. You will see that as you are playing you will receive lives so it pretty much never ends.

Ask As Much As You Can

On the top left side of your screen is a red heart and that is your lives and tells you how much you have. As many times as you can always click on it and you will receive a screen like this.



Always ask as much as you can, but remember to only ask your soda friends and not all friends. You will always get their attention and most likely will send you lives.

That’s about it, with this method I have so many lives I pretty much never run out.