Can I password protect my profile on Netflix?

FYI: If you love Neflix as much as I do (or at least as much as I watch it) then there is an awesome rating system like Pandora out there that really does an awesome job guessing what you might like based on how you rate. Give it a shot.

Can you password protect Netflix profiles with parental controls?

Let me give you a 2 letter word that will answer your question…NO!!!!!

Unfortunately it is one of the worst features…or lack thereof, that Netflix does not have. The closest they have gotten to doing something like this is being able to create custom profiles for each member of your family so your suggestions do not get all mixed up, but that’s not going to stop little Timmy from clicking on the adult profile and seeing all the wonderful suggestion you may have.

Is there a way around this?

Yes and No depending on the device you are viewing Netflix on. Since there are way to many devices out there that can play Netflix movies it is almost impossible to include them all, but I will do my best. I am going to start with what I already know and use.

Apple TV

First of all if you are not using Apple TV to watch Netflix then you are missing out. It is by far the highest and most stable quality out there and it only costs $99.00 (one time charge). Many think that Apple TV is a monthly charge, but it is not. You pay once and your done.

How to protect your kids from Netflix on Apple TV

First thing is you will want to is setup restrictions so go to Settings > General > Restrictions

Turn On Restrictions and set a passcode…please do not make it your PIN number to your bank account.

Once you setup a passcode you will be prompted for it a ton so be prepared, and if you love your kids as much I love mine then you will not mind entering it a lot.

Now go back to Settings > Main Menu

Enter your passcode

Here you will see all the apps that are currently on your Apple TV and you can decide to either Show or Hide an app from the main menu. Now this does not mean they will not be able to see it on the screen, what this means is that anyone accessing that particular app that you decided to Hide will require a passcode to access. By default (I believe) Netflix will be on Hide so just make sure it is hidden. Once you do that then from now on in order to access Netflix you will need a passcode to access it.

Yes it’s a pain in the butt to enter your code that may times, but your kids mind is more important than your comfort.

Google Chromecast

Sorry you are out of luck, Chromecast does not even have any parental controls on it and there is no way to password protect Netflix with it. The only way you can keep your kids from going where they are not supposed to is to stream a movie from your phone or computer and keep the remote away from them, otherwise you are screwed (especially if you have a kid old enough to use a remote)

Kindle Fire

You can password protect Apps with Kindle Fire which means you can restrict Netflix.

All you need to do is swipe down and click on Quick Settings > More

Tap on Parental Controls and turn it on

Under Apps you can select the App you want to restrict and that is it. Simply select Netflix and your done. Your kids now have to put in your password to even use the app.


Out of luck..again like Google Chromecast there are no parental controls. They try and make it sound like they have some security by being able to use a PIN to prevent to add a new channel, but come on…


The only “parental controls” Tivo has is setting the rating of TV you want to restrict. For instance like (Rates: R, NC17) and so on. But besides that there is no way to block an app like Netflix. Besides that Netflix SUCKS! on Tivo, it’s slow as hell and low quality. Don’t bother using it for Netflix.

Help Me out

I want to make this the “go-to” article for Netflix restrictions and protection against kids so please if you have other devices and have figured how to protect your kids with Netflix please let me know.