TV Advertising is never going to be the same with Google Fiber


If you haven’t already heard Google has been rolling out their own TV network in Kansas City, Provo Utah and Austin Texas with even more expansion coming this year to several other states across the US. It’s basically High Speed Internet in 1000GB as well as on demand television with over 150+ channels and thousands of shows according to them.?This concept is nothing new to us right now so it comes as no shock, but what makes it insane is the change in advertising. Google Fiber is going to be awesome, but it will come at a privacy cost.

Just like when you surf the net Google tracks where you are going and what you are looking at which is why they can determine to show you the best targeted ads for you. Since Google Fiber will be providing all the service they are going to know exactly what you are watching and in turn they are going to return the most relevant?ads for you. Much like how Adwords works now we are basically going to see the same with Google Fiber. I have to hand it to Google and say they have become a Marketing Giant.

The shift we are going to see is in how the current mega media giants now do their business in the marketing world of television. Google Fiber is going to drop the price of advertising since it will be so target specific and this is going to make the media giants very upset. No longer will be the days when you can charge 2 million dollars for a super bowl game ad, prices will have to drop the more targeted you get.

This is definitely going to be a huge shift in the television market, not just for advertisers but from the production companies themselves. Ultimately money comes from marketing at it lowest form, which in turn pays the bills for all the movie makers. I am curious to see what happens as we encounter this shift.

Knowing Google they probably thought this out about 20 years ahead and Im sure they are going to make a shit load of money from it.