My conversation with a vegan friend

I guess what I don't understand is that life is life whether it be from a human to an animal to plants. Saying that it's ok to kill plants because they can't move or they don't defend themselves (which is not true) or don't feel pain (which is not proven yet while they do show to have a nervous system similar to animals) is a way to justify killing one and not another just as I justify killing animals for food. What also does not make sense to me is that all food stems from life at some [Read more...]

Why the bending iPhone 6 could cost Apple a Ton

If you haven't already heard about the iPhone 6 bending then you may want to check out this video?before you think about buying an iPhone 6. Why could this be a big issue for you as the consumer and Apple as the supplier? Let me draw out some scenarios. 1. Sitting on your iPhone You know how many times I sit on my iPhone for a few seconds? I carry it in my back pocket when I am listening to music. 99.9% of all women carry it in their back pocket. I bet everyone of use iPhone users sit on [Read more...]

4 Tricks That Could Fix Leaving A Group Text In iOS 8 and iOS 9

We all know that iMessage groups are annoying especially when you seem stuck in it and cant get out. I have been seeing this growing issue with iOS 8 "Leaving or muting/do not disturb" option when in a group text. I have already had several people come up to me asking me if I could fix it. I personally have not had this problem with my phone, but I only used it once. I have been successful at fixing some peoples iPhone and some not. Here are the things I have tried that may or may not work [Read more...]

Don’t forget to “keep” your iMessage voice chat

At first when I upgraded to iOS 8 I started to have fun with the new voice chat feature where you can record a message instead of texting. What's the difference? Why wouldn't I just call someone instead? Well it's actually a cool feature that I think would be more used as a way to respond quickly to a text while driving.

Mac – Black Screen And Cursor At Startup Can’t Login

There seems to be a bug with one of the OS X patches which disables the login screen for Mac. While I have over 250 Macs I manage on my network this is the first time I have seen this and many of my Macs are up-to-date with patches so not sure if this will happen again (Let's hope not) This happened to be on a Mac Mini (2008) where the computer would just get to a black screen and a cursor and nothing more. I originally found this article which has a fix for it. 1. Shut the computer down by [Read more...]

What Do I Get? HP, Mac, Dell?…I’m So Confused!!!!!

Ok yes I understand what you are going through. I feel the same way when I take my car to a mechanic and they come back and tell me that my catalytic converter?is broken and I need a new one. Yeah no clue what they just said, but I have to trust them... Being that I know about computers let me tell you one thing right off the bat. Geeksquad - They hire 16 - 19 year olds who barley know sh** about computers and are trained to give you some default language to sell you more. It's like when [Read more...]

Why You Should Turn Off Read Receipt For Your iPhone

If you are like me then the last thing you want is to know when the other person in your text conversation knows when you saw their text. Then you can't give the excuse Oh sorry I never saw your text message Yeah I use that way too much, more than I should. Anyways if you are not aware but this is turned on by default. But lets explain the two different messages you get when you send a text message Delivered When a text message is marked or displays a message Delivered?it simply means [Read more...]

2 simple changes that will speed up your iPhone

Being in the tech industry now for way to many years there are two things I have learned about myself. I love automation I am impatient Its comes with the territory. Most likely from way to many quick questions about computers that I have to deal with everyday. Today I discovered there are 2 simple changes you can make that will speed up your iPhone. Ok its not "actually" speeding up your iPhone, it's more getting rid of stuff you dont need which allows it to function faster. Get [Read more...]