IOS 7.2 When Will It Release? Not Before IOS 8.0 IMO

Now that IOS 7.1 is out and the awesome feature of CarPlay is here, which honestly it's about time. I'm not one normally one to dis Apple, but when it comes to features it seems they tend to trail the market recently. Not because they are lacking in the technology, but more because they refuse to come out with releases as quick as Android which could be a good or bad thing but its awesome to finally have the "Microsoft Sync" feature of Apple. Trust me I totally understand why Apple doesn't [Read more...]

Going From Mac To PC, Scared? Don’t Worry It’s Easy

Ok just a pet peeve of mine but I need to explain how to us the term "PC" correctly. Not PC as in Politically Correct, but PC as in Personal Computer When most people refer to a PC they usually mean a Windows Computer. Heck even HP, Dell and Apple use this term in their commercials to refer to them, but guess what? They are wrong. PC means "Personal Computer" A Mac is a PC, A computer running Windows is a PC. Your iPhone is a PC...get it? Good.\ PC to Mac When most people want to switch [Read more...]

Free Alternative To iCloud, It’s All About Dropbox

How annoying is it when you look at your iPhone and it is telling you that your iCloud is full. Now you have to worry about all your important things like contacts, text messages and calendar events not being backed up. The last thing you want is to drop your phone in the toilet without a good backup. Well of course you get 5GB for free and you think that's enough, but guess what? It's not. You are going to fill that thing up in about a week after you get your iPhone and take all those [Read more...]

Top Evasi0n7 Jailbreak Issue “Modifying rootfs…” then crashes

I like to scan through Yahoo Answers and see what people are asking. I noticed there are a ton of questions/problems users are having with Evasi0n7 and I thought I would discuss the biggest issue right now. Jailbreak crashes at "Modifying rootfs..." Rootfs?is a special instance of?ramfs?(or?tmpfs, if that's enabled), which is always present in?2.6 systems. You can't unmount rootfs. At kernel initialization time, there is an absolutely minimal filesystem registered, called?rootfs. The [Read more...]

The Truth: T-Mobile And Their No Contract iPhones

With all the recent hype re regarding T-Mobile and their ETF's (Early Termination Fees) and no contract plans it seems that T-Mobile is the best way to go. They now claim to have the fastest network, even over our existing friend Verizon. In addition they are also claiming no contracts for users who switch over to their plan. Of course everything sounds good, and I don't care who you are there is always some underlining truth that may apply when you switch. I am here to break it down for [Read more...]

Off Topic – Storage Wars…Who’s The Best?

OK this has nothing to do with anything technology related, but I love to watch Storage Wars?and even though I would never buy a storage unit, I freaking love this show. I was talking with a friend and we were debating on who was the best, who buys units and actually makes money. Jared - He's awesome...but way to reactionary when it comes to buying units. He probably loves gambling and can't turn down a bet. Barry - Love that dude, he has so much money that this is all fun for [Read more...]

T-Mobile Goes Rebel Then Sells To Sprint The Red Headed Step Child Of The Cell Phone Industry WTF?

So I have been with at&t since 2001. The reason I know this is that I moved to Las Vegas 3 days after 9/11 (R.I.P) and then I started a new account from Verizon to at&t. Remember that this was 2001 and Verizon did not have the digital market at that time, especially in Vegas...they were all about Tri-Mode then and I lived in Santa Cruz where Tri-mode was a necessity?when it came to all those damn mountains and trees. So I have been pumped about finally leaving at&t to go to [Read more...]