Why the bending iPhone 6 could cost Apple a Ton

If you haven’t already heard about the iPhone 6 bending then you may want to check out this video?before you think about buying an iPhone 6.

Why could this be a big issue for you as the consumer and Apple as the supplier? Let me draw out some scenarios.

1. Sitting on your iPhone

You know how many times I sit on my iPhone for a few seconds? I carry it in my back pocket when I am listening to music. 99.9% of all women carry it in their back pocket. I bet everyone of use iPhone users sit on our phone at some point and time several times a month. Can you imagine the amount of stress that is going to put on the phone? Over time it is going to keep bending and I think you are going to see the arch in the frame. In the video I mention above even Lue from Squarespace (Sorry if I butchered?the name) himself noticed just after 2 days that he had a slight bend.

bent iPhone 6

2. Apple Will Not Be Able To Handle The Support

According to Reuters there have been a total 9 customers that have contacted Apple with bent iPhones and I am sure this is only the beginning. Compound that over time as customers sit on their phones more and more and you will see lines of customers at Apple front door.


3. It is going to cost you the customer more than you think

With the AppleCare+ you can get with the iPhone it covers 2 incidences for accidental coverage at a $79 service fee. This has gone up from last year when it was only $50. That’s $158.00 if you bend your phone twice. After that you are screwed. Try selling your iPhone on craigslist once it’s bent…I can see the titles now. Selling iPhone 6 !!!NO BEND!!!

What happens when the coverage is over? After a year of casual sitting on your phone it is going to defiantly bend at least a little. We are going to see the value drop on this model iPhone in the market.

Take our poll and tell us how many times you sit on your iPhone, we are curious.

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