2 simple changes that will speed up your iPhone


Being in the tech industry now for way to many years there are two things I have learned about myself.

  1. I love automation
  2. I am impatient

Its comes with the territory. Most likely from way to many quick questions about computers that I have to deal with everyday.

Today I discovered there are 2 simple changes you can make that will speed up your iPhone. Ok its not “actually” speeding up your iPhone, it’s more getting rid of stuff you dont need which allows it to function faster.

Get Rid Of All The Effects

Who cares? seriously….

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion <—Turn it to ON

Get Rid Of Location Tracking

Ok first of all I can think of a million reasons to get rid of this, but for the most part it takes up a TON of processing power constantly to run this. STOP IT!

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

If you use Apple Maps then leave it on for that, otherwise turn it off for everything else

…your welcome!