Don’t forget to “keep” your iMessage voice chat


At first when I upgraded to iOS 8 I started to have fun with the new voice chat feature where you can record a message instead of texting.

What’s the difference? Why wouldn’t I just call someone instead? Well it’s actually a cool feature that I think would be more used as a way to respond quickly to a text while driving.

It’s easy to use, you just push the microphone button and start talking. When you let go you can play it back or send it off immediately. So far it has been a life saver in the car.

Then I noticed that there was a “keep” next the audio message when it appears in the conversation. The “keep” simply means if you want to keep the audio message then click it. Otherwise within a few minutes it will disappear. I think why they do this is to limit the amount of storage on the phone. If you kept every audio message you would fill up your phone fast. Check out my other post about how text messages are the biggest culprit to why your iPhone storage is full.