Top 5 Reasons Why Your iPhone Battery Might Be Draining Quickly

Before I even begin with?this topic let me start of with this. There are probably at least 50 things that could be the problem. I am going to list the top 5 reasons why you battery on your iPhone may be draining quickly from my own experience, so don’t judge me if my advice does not work for you…haha!


Reason #5 Your Battery Just Died…Plain and Simple

Before recent issues with Apples First Gen iPhone 5 phones actually having a faulty battery, this was actually pretty much the last thing I looked at or even considered being the problem. While most of the time everyone thought their battery was not working correctly it usually was just fine. Even I had to take my iPhone 5 in because of fast draining and it actually was the battery.

Reason #4 Turn Off?Your Personal Hotspot

Your Hot Spot is a way to broadcast your WiFi to other mobile devices like a laptop or another phone. Most people that I deal with do not have this activated on their phone, but a fair share did and sometimes I would discover they left their Hot Spot on all day and night. Usually they either didn’t know it was on, forgot to turn it off or didn’t even know they had the feature available. Just in case check Settings > Personal Hostspot and make sure it is off, if you have that feature. That will suck the life from your iPhone really fast.

Reason #3 Close Your Apps

Every time you open an app, it will run in the background until you actually close the app manually. After a while and 20 games later you have a millions apps open and they are pretty much having a had-day on your battery. I make it a habit to close my apps constantly. When will apple get the brilliant idea to add a feature to close all apps with one swoop? Who knows…

To close your apps you just double click your home button and swipe each app up to close them.

Reason #2 Location Services

Location services is the part of the iPhone that allows apps to know where you are located. Apps use these features to aid them in determining your location so they can provide you custom results. Apps that use this feature off the top of my head are ones like Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo and pretty much almost every other app. Advertising can also use this feature to provide you with adds more custom to you and your location.

If you allow every app to use Location Services then you are going to kill your battery really fast. Go through your list and turn it off and only leave the important ones on.

You can edit your Location Services at Settings > Privacy > Location Services and there you will see the whole list of apps that is using it.

Reason #1 Put Your Phone Down Once In A While

Do you keep track how much you use your phone in one day? Most of the time when people came to me with their phone battery issues, it simply was that the phone could not keep up with the user. It’s an iPhone yes – and should be awesome at everything, but that battery is limited and can only do what it can do.

Then people think, “If I get the new model it will have a better battery and last longer”

Guess What? When everyone gets the new iPhone 6 which will have a bigger better battery, it takes more power to run that bigger, better phone. So you are going to be in the same place you were before.

If you are playing games all day, talking on the phone, texting none stop, surfing the web what is the world do you think is going to happen to that battery?

Put the phone down, go to dinner with some friends and talk face to face. Remember what that was like?