Top 5 Reasons Why Your iPhone Battery Might Be Draining Quickly

Before I even begin with?this topic let me start of with this. There are probably at least 50 things that could be the problem. I am going to list the top 5 reasons why you battery on your iPhone may be draining quickly from my own experience, so don't judge me if my advice does not work for you...haha! Reason #5 Your Battery Just Died...Plain and Simple Before recent issues with Apples First Gen iPhone 5 phones actually having a faulty battery, this was actually pretty much the last thing [Read more...]

My iPhone 5 Stopped Charging or It Sucks At It

My?iPhone 5 stopped charging what the heck? That is one of the questions or "rants" I get a ton from other people. It's actually also one of the most common questions Apple employees come across at my?local Apple store. So I had the same issue with my iPhone 5. So I did what I knew too do, I stuck a paper clip and scrapped the back of the charging port and pulled out a bunch of lint. I took a spray can to the port as well and blew out what ever was I thought. I stuck the [Read more...]